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Metalwit company supplies products not only to the Polish market but also European companies. The involvement and creativity of our employees as well as constant development of the company help to achieve perfection in action and enable us to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers who appreciate the steadiness of supplies and flexibility in problem solving. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is the best gratification. We aim our services to companies of multiple branches: medical, automotive, electromechanical, transportation, hydraulics, water supply and sewerage infrastructure, petrochemical, furniture and construction. The scope of our activity encompasses Polish and overseas companies: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, China. 




The most of our products are supplied to automotive and water infrastructure.  As it was mentioned above our services are used by electromechanical industry, internal transportation or medical sector, however we constantly broaden our horizons and hope for cooperation with the companies of different branches.






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